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Resources to help with medical bills

If you can’t afford medical care or need help paying for medical care, there are non-profit, and local, state and federal government resources available to help you. These services are intended to provide a safety net for Americans who need them when they need them.

American Public Human Services Association State Human Service Agency Information – State human services agencies provide or links to programs to help citizens get medical care and social services.

Benefits finder can help you to determine what government benefits you may be eligible for.

Charity care programs are offered by medical providers for individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid, Medicare or other insurance programs. You can apply at your local hospital.

Children’s health care coverage across the united states is offered through Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). These programs often provide services that aren’t covered for adults, such as preventive dental care.

EMTALA, the Emergency Medical Treatment & Labor Act, requires that Medicare-participating hospitals provide examination for treatment of an emergency medical conditions, including labor, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

HealthCare.gov, a product of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, allows anyone to purchase a health insurance plan on the marketplace.

Medicaid or Medicare are government-sponsored health insurance options for individuals who meet eligibility.

Prescription drug assistance may be available through your local hospital or pharmacy, or through the manufacturer of your prescribed medication.

Senior Care is often more than just medical care. Seniors may need home health, food services or adult day care. The eldercare locator helps caregivers find resources to meet the needs of their loved ones.

Social Security provides financial assistance upon retirement or disability.

Veteran Medical Care is provided through the VA network – there are more than, 1,800 VA facilities in the United States and American territories.

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