The Medical Bill Survival Guide

Ready for a real medical horror story? Nine out of ten medical bills contain errors. The total yearly overcharge nationwide is a staggering $10 billion. Counting on your insurance to pick up the slack? Don’t even think about it. Now a leading consumer advocate for patients everywhere gives you the knowledge you need to fight back. THE MEDICAL BILL SURVIVAL GUIDE will help you get back what’s yours—and make sure you’ll never have to spend an extra, unnecessary dime on the care you deserve, ever again. Discover: • What hospitals don’t want you to know—and how not knowing can cost you a fortune • The unbreakable code of medical-bill language—and how to bust them all • What insurance companies mean by usual, reasonable, and customary treatments—ten common courtesies worth fighting for.



The Medical Bill Survival Guide

It does not matter how bad your financial situation seems to be, The Medical Bill Survival Guide will provide you with the knowledge to help yourself or your loved one. Medical bill anxiety is caused by miscommunications and misunderstandings. This book teaches easy, effective strategies for working with insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers.







Understanding Your Hospital Bill

Discover what only professionals in the business of healthcare know!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Understand How a Hospital Determines Your Charges
Why You Should Always Request an Itemized Bill
Common Errors that Can Get Your Claim Delayed,or Worse, Denied!
Common Mistakes That Can Cost You Down the Road
The Difference Between What You are Charged and What You End Up Paying
And Much, Much More!



The Patient, The Doctor and The Bill Collector

The Patient, The Doctor and Bill Collector reveals the hidden truths behind the crushing wave of medical debt drowning more than 64 million Americans.

Beyond simply pointing out the mistakes and the greed, the two authors came up with a simple yet powerful solution: Buy medical debt on the open market, and then abolish it! Their vehicle is RIP Medical Debt, a non-profit established in 2013 for the purpose of locating, buying and then forgiving this debt as a gift to those struggling with unpaid and unpayable bills. One collections industry executive described this debt retirement plan as a “Robin Hood” approach.




So I Got This Medical Bill...Let’s face it. When you need to use your insurance is usually at two in the morning with a child with a high temperature or when your husband come in with his shirt wrapped around his hand dripping blood. These are not the most opportune times to need to stop and call your insurance company to ask where you should be going.

This book is intended to help patients navigate through all the benefits and rules of their insurance company. I want patients to be informed and feel like in times of absolute turmoil, like getting a diagnosis of cancer, this is one thing you can gain control over.




How to Get Your Medical Bills PaidMost people don’t speak “insurance” but there are some simple things anyone can do to insure their medical or hospital bills get paid quickly and at the maximum.

The author was a medical claims processor and a Benefits Specialist for 25 plus years and has had enormous success in resolving billing/claims/insurance issues. she shares some important hints here.





MBAA's Guide to Surviving Your Medical BillsEight out of ten medical bills contain errors with an average error of $1300 per patient. Counting on your insurance company to protect you from over-paying? Don’t even think about it. Arm yourself against the abuses of the American healthcare system! Get the knowledge you need to fight back from a leading consumer advocate for patients, MBAA’s Pat Palmer. This guide will help you keep what’s yours and makes sure you’ll never again have to spend an extra dime on the care you deserve.






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