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A Walking Plan for a New You

Walking Plan

Have you considered a walking plan to help you lose weight and get fit? According to the CDC, adults ages 18 to 64 should get at least two and a half hours of moderate activity, such as brisk walking, every week, as well as muscle strengthening activity at least twice per week.

It is not easy to start a fitness regimen. It took me years to find a routine that worked best for me and my lifestyle. I make an effort to walk at least 30 minutes day, usually with my sidekick and favorite dog, Leonard. It has helped me lose weight, and I believe it helps with mental wellness. If it is okay with your doctor, I encourage you to walk at least five days per week and consider some strength training like push-ups or lunges a couple of times a week. If you need to work your way up to walking a couple of miles a day, this simple plan can help you get there in just a few months no matter your size or fitness level. Need help developing your walking plan? I’ve done the work for you!

Walking Plan

WeekWarm-upBrisk walkingCool-down
15 minutes6 minutes5 minutes
25 minutes8 minutes5 minutes
35 minutes10 minutes5 minutes
45 minutes12 minutes5 minutes
55 minutes14 minutes5 minutes
65 minutes16 minutes5 minutes
75 minutes18 minutes5 minutes
85 minutes20 minutes5 minutes
95 minutes22 minutes5 minutes
105 minutes24 minutes5 minutes
115 minutes26 minutes5 minutes
125 minutes30 minutes5 minutes


Push-up Plan for Beginners

Need a push-up plan to help you at the beginner level? Push-ups aren’t easy, but over time it gets better and can help you to gain more strength. If you’re not sure how to do a push-up properly, this tutorial may help. Here’s a plan for 40 push-ups in 40 days:


There are so many benefits to getting physically active including weight loss, reducing your risk of heart disease, reducing risk for or helping to manage diabetes, reduce your risk to some cancers, strengthening your muscles and putting you in a better mood. Most of all staying fit and physically healthy reduces your risk of medical bills!

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